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The Zombie ficathon.

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26th August 2010

batgurl101:50pm: Is this community dead? ((no pun intended))

havent seen any postings lately....where is everyone?

8th May 2006

wal_lace5:53pm: Master list.
Writer Recipient
a_leprechaun was writing for mama_fortuna
akire_yta wrote Residency Evil (House) for poisontaster.
budclare was writing for trekkim, but has let me know she will be delayed.
chaosmanor wrote Gore and Order (Law and Order) for leaper182
croupier wrote Camouflage (Law and Order: SVU) for faechick
dawning_star wrote Graiiiiiiins (CSI) for loyaldreamer.
faechick was writing for youngest_one
featherspy wroteOh God, I don't even know (Disney's version of The Little Mermaid) for scoured.
green_grrl wrote Horror on the Forest Moon (Dun Dun Dun) (Star Wars) for featherspy
hannahrorlove wrote Wasteland (Pirates of the Caribbean) for lanthano
jenlittlebottom was writing for perch, but has let me know she will be delayed.
lanthano wrote Some Cupid kills with arrows, some with traps (Y: The Last Man) for unanon.
lawofsyllogism was writing for imouto
leaper182 was writing for odditycollector
loyaldreamer wrote The Final Voyage (Star Trek - Original series) for chaosmanor.
nicolae was writing for akire_yta
odditycollector was writing for green_grrl
perch wrote Bang, Smash, Boom, Baby (X-Men comics) for wal_lace
piecesofalice was writing for hannahrorlove
poisontaster wrote Gangrene (CSI) for piecesofalice
scoured wrote Based on a True Movie (Veronica Mars) for seanarenay.
seanarenay was writing for a_leprechaun
imouto was writing for dawning_star
storydivagirl wrote Republicans end the World... Accidentally (The West Wing) for velocityofsound.
trekkim wrote Isn't this how all zombie movies end? (Supernatural) for apocalypsos
apocalypsos wrote It's not hiding if everyone knows where you are (Supernatural) for verstehen
mama_fortuna wrote Bel Garcon (Indiana Jones) for lawofsyllogism
unanon was writing for storydivagirl, but has let me know she will be delayed.
velocityofsound was writing for croupier, but has let me know she will be delayed.
verstehen was writing for nicolae
wal_lace wrote Running in place (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) for budclare
youngest_one was writing for jenlittlebottom
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3rd May 2006

perch10:24pm: Bang, Smash, Boom, Baby (Jubilee X-men Comicverse)
Title: Bang, Smash, Boom, Baby
Author: perch
Disclaimer: I own nothing! All the characters in this story are the property of Marvel and I am intending no disrespect, nor am I making any form of profit off said characters, fictional places or other properties of Marvel. This is merely a small story written for my own pleasure and to stop the rampaging Marvel Zombies.
Fandom: X-men Comicverse
Characters: Jubilee
Rating: PG-13 for language.
Word Count: 1,151
Author’s Note: Written for wal_lace.
Details: Generation X characters. As survivors, as zombies, whatever. Bonus points for inclusion of Skin, Jubilee and Banshee, in any capacity.
Additional Notes: This short ficlet hasn’t been beta’d. Not really satisfied with it either.

Zombielicious Wibbling Awaits!Collapse )
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2nd May 2006

trekkim11:12am: Isn’t This How All Zombie Movies End? - Supernatural
Title: Isn’t This How All Zombie Movies End?
Author: trekkim
Written for: apocalypsos asked for a Supernatural zombie fic with a global effect and mystical cause. Well, I tried.
Rating: PG-13 (T)
Word Count: 3243
Disclaimer: I don’t own the characters or the universe they live in.
Summary: AU Pre-series. Dean (20) and Sam (16) are alone in a farmhouse, surrounded by the undead.
Author’s Note: This story totally kicked my ass. It didn’t turn out at all how I planned at all.
Dedication to: My sister, goggled_monkey, who has a zombie contingency planand is the reason why I entered the ficathon in the first place. 

Current Mood: chipper
croupier8:56am: Law & Order: SVU-type Zombies!
Title: Camouflage
Author: croupier
Fandom: Law and Order: SUV
For: faechick, who wanted cleverness from Munch and ass-kicking from Stabler.
Summary: Y'all, it's SVU. Just think of something wack and unintentionally hilarious and you're, like, halfway there.
Word Count: 1890s or thereabouts.
Beta: It's all sharkwithfeet's fault.
Disclaimer: I own sweet f.a.

Zombies zombies zombiesCollapse )

1st May 2006

loyaldreamer10:05pm: Fic: The Final Voyage -- Star Trek Original Series
Title: The Final Voyage
Author: loyaldreamer
Fandom: Star Trek - The Original Series
Word Count: 3059
For: chaosmanor who requested that "bad shit happens."
Summary: When the Enterprise responds to an unknown call bad shit happens.
Beta: jasmineskie
Authors Notes: Written for the zombieficathon. This is by no means a fandom I'm part of, any mis-representations are my own fault.
Disclaimer: I don't own the characters, Paramont does. I just borrowed them for a bit.

I've decided to risk the potential dangers and resume contact...Collapse )
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2nd May 2006

scoured12:22am: Based on a True Movie by scoured
Author: scoured
Title: Based on a True Movie
Fandom: Veronica Mars
For: seanarenay
Words: 3,000
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers/Warnings: Spoilers through 2x20, "Look Who's Stalking." Minor speculation for end of season 2. Character death ahead.
Summary: It all unfolds just like a bad horror flick. This could only happen this close to L.A.

You say 'zombie,' I say 'horde'...Collapse )

1st May 2006

storydivagirl8:57pm: Republicans End the World...Accidentally - West Wing Fic
Title: Republicans End the World...Accidentally
Author: Tommygirl/storydivagirl
Fandom: West Wing, Josh/Donna, Sam, Toby, CJ
Summary: A deadly virus breaks out in the United States that revives the dead and turns everyone into zombies. The West Wing staff tries to hold it together.
Written For: my story for the zombieficathon for velocityofsound, who wanted a global plague would be most excellent. And it would be most excellent to have Mrs. Landingham or Admiral Funky Fitz rise from the dead.
Word Count 4,330
A/N: Much love to iamtheenemy for the superfast beta, despite languishing in the final days of her student teaching. Feedback always appreciated.

Republicans or zombies...Josh isn't sure which is worse...
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mama_fortuna1:46pm: Indiana ZOMBIE!
Title: Bel Garcon
Author: mama_fortuna, aka N.
Fandom: Indiana Jones.
For: lawofsyllogism who gave the lovely prompt "In light of the military's withdrawal from Haiti, Indy decides that this would be an excellent time to check out the local folklore..."
Wordcount: 3,093
Notes: I will not lie to you - I wrote this in something like two days. The town in question does not exist, and has a crappy joke for a name (as does the other professor). Unnoffical soundtrack for this fic consists of songs by LaVern Baker, Lillian Boute, and the banda drum samples located at Voudoun Dot Com.
Hats off to the Baron, who is indeed a fine fellow.

Bel Garcon.Collapse )
apocalypsos1:50pm: It's Not Hiding If Everyone Knows Where You Are (SPN), for verstehen
Title: It's Not Hiding If Everyone Knows Where You Are
Author: Troll Princess
Fandom: Supernatural
Rating: R
Word Count: 10,000 words
Spoilers: "Dead Man's Blood" (Obviously goes a bit AU before the beginning of "Salvation")
Written for: verstehen
Request: Avoiding the whole voodoo cliche would be nice. So would gen.
Pairing: Hints of Sam/OFC and Dean/OFC
Warnings: Violence, bad language
Disclaimer: I don't own these characters, I just like playing with them.
Summary: Two days ago, they celebrated the end of April by heading out to the porch with a pair of high-powered sniper rifles and counting off how many of the rambling bodies circling the perimeter outside the fence they could decapitate with a single shot.
Author's note: I did mention the voodoo thing, but only in passing, I swear, and it's not the reason for these zombies anyway. Witch's honor. :) (Thanks to ephemerall, chaneen, and dodger_winslow for the beta. If I missed anything, it's because my computer is a rat bastard.)
lanthano11:46am: Y: The Last Man fic
Title: Some Cupid kills with arrows, some with traps
Fandom: Y: The Last Man
For: unanon
Author: lanthano
Beta: moonlash_cc
Notes: This is a Hero fic, no pairing. I didn't have the comics in front of me, and I have the unsettling feeling that my timeline's a bit off.
hannahrorlove6:42pm: Title: Wasteland
Title: Wasteland
Author: Hannah R. Orlove
Fandom: Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl
Rating: PG
Pairing: None
Notes: Written for zombieficathon in general and lanthano in particular, who requested: “Pirates of the Caribbean, Norrington-centric. Weary soldiers are a plus.” Thanks to akire_yta for beta-reading.

On the journey to Port Royal from the Isla De Muerta, Norrington had questioned Sparrow extensively, doing his best to learn all that he was willing to share about the cursed pirates.
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akire_yta9:10am: Zombie Ficathon: Residency Evil for Poisontaster
Title: Residency Evil
Author: akire
Rating: PG.
Spoilers: General knowledge for House up to mid season two.
Disclaimers: Not mine. Pity.
Summary: Zombie hordes have invaded PPTH. Paging Doctor House!
For: the Zombie Ficathon. Written for Poisontaster, who requested House M.D., and no Stacy/House or Cameron/House. The diagnostician's viewpoint on the phenomenon colloquially known as zombies. Bonus points for Cuddy with a shotgun.
A/N: Thanks to The Pouncer for the awesomely fast beta. All remaining mistakes are mine (And they’ll eat your brrraaaiiinns!)

Read at the website or at my LJ

30th April 2006

poisontaster5:56pm: Fic: Gangrene
Title: Gangrene
Fandom: CSI: LV
Pairing: None.
Rating: Adult, for violence and mild language
Word Count: 3886
Warnings: None.
Spoilers: None.
AN: Written for piecesofalice in the zombieficathon who requested Brass against an army of the undead, maybe headed by Grissom. I'm not sure this is exactly what she wanted, but I did try. Many many thanks to sixersfan for his tireless handholding and nitpicking. Both are greatly appreciated.
featherspy10:19am: For: scoured
Fandom: Disney/Little Mermaid
What: Oh God, I don't even know.
Original Assignment:Yes, I want to see mermaid/men zombies. I'm mostly interested in what it looks like when zombie mermaids move - do they swim erratically? Would their zombiefied brains lead to them chasing something ashore, and flapping on a beach futilely? I guess I kind of wimped out on actually doing the mer-zombies. I imagine they would kind of just float around all helter skelter, only powering up that big old tail if they see something yummy.
Words:I don't know since I haven't got a word processor...

Just because I've been playing too much Kingdom Hearts II, and avoiding the Little Mermaid world (Ursula is a bitch, or was in the first game anyways.)

Because I totally am not writing this right now because I feel guilty about forgettingCollapse )

I guess that's about a thousand. I really needed to stop at some points because I could just feel it becoming slash, and I can only handle one subgenre of fiction at a time.
dawning_star10:23am: Fic: GRAIIIIIINS
Fandom: CSI
For: loyaldreamer
Pairing: Grissom/Nick if you squint.
Word Count: 1, 1661 behind the cut. Not entirely happy with this, but I hope it's enjoyable.
Disclaimer: Not mine. Never have been. Never will be.

green_grrl8:55am: Star Wars: Horror on the Forest Moon (Dun Dun Dun)
For featherspy!

Title: Horror on the Forest Moon (Dun Dun Dun)
What: Star Wars fanfic
Author: green_grrl
Rating: PG (I do not sully the wholesome goodness of George Lucas's world! Except, of course, for stealing borrowing his characters and throwing zombies at them.)
Notes: Because featherspy asked for: Han Solo and Chewie. Do I need to say more? Also, perhaps, Boba Fett. Just because. (EWOK ZOMBIES!) And OMG ewok zombies, who could resist?! Of course. As kaige68 said, "I can think of no better use for ewoks than as zombies." (Also, I remember someone saying once that it looked in the movie like the ewoks were roasting other ewoks on spits in the background. I haven't noticed it myself, but I was quite taken with the idea.) Sorry no Boba Fett, but bonus C-3PO and Lando Calrissian.
Words: 6,326
Betas: Bless muck_a_luck and kaige68 for their eagle eyes and their enthusiastic response -- it made all the difference. *hugs them tight*
Disclaimer: Not my characters, just playing with them.
Crossposted: my journal

Click here for the HORROR! ;-)Collapse )
wal_lace10:58am: Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Running in place.
I'm not completely happy with this - I originally intended it to be a black comedy, but that kind of went by the wayside. But here it is.

Title: Running in place.
For: budclare
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, set during Season Five.
Author: wal_lace
Warnings: The usual gore, but without too much detail.

1812 words behind the cut.Collapse )
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24th April 2006

wal_lace12:05am: Seven Day Warning.
Just a little reminder that there's one week to go before post time. If you're going to have any problems meeting the deadline, it would be awfully nice to know now-ish.

And, just to add - I'd like to request that everyone try to tag their stories when they do come to post. Simply the name of the fandom it's in is really all we need, although anything else you feel like adding is a bonus.

20th March 2006

wal_lace5:59pm: We're past the half way point.
Poll #694596 Progress report.

So... six weeks to go. How's it going?

How's what going? Wait a minute, I signed up for a ficathon? Dude, what the hell was I thinking?
Uh... *shifty eyes* ... I have some very good ideas. Really, I do.
I've made a good start, but the ending needs work. And the middle, come to that.
It's getting there. I know where I'm going, I just need to knock it into shape.
It's with the beta reader right now. Bitch.
Just waiting until I'm allowed to post.
You did say we're allowed to do more than one, right?
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14th January 2006

wal_lace6:56pm: Assignments.
All assignments have now been sent out.

Allowing for the vagaries and failings of the internet, if they aren't in your inbox within twenty-four hours comment here.

Otherwise, this is just to tell you it's started. Welcome to hell on Earth. Or, in the case of those of you who end up writing Firefly/Serenity, Star Trek, Star Wars, Stargate, and possibly a couple of other fandoms, hell off Earth.

13th January 2006

ashes_jyuakyu8:06pm: Sorry to spam, a new Resident Evil RP begins soon

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Set on an Island in the Pacific, a group of survivors awake from comas to find themselves in a high-tech Laboratory complex, with no memory of how they came to be there. What secrets does the information of this facility hold? What has been done to their bodies? Where exactly are they? And what are the strange sounds of shuffling feet about them?

The only way they will obtain any of these answers is to fight for their lives and escape, whilst the creatures and ever unfolding story of Resident Evil mutates around them....

8th January 2006

wal_lace1:57pm: Submissions closed.
Okay, submissions are now closed. Over the next week I'm somehow going to find time to work out assignments. I'll probably E-mail them out next weekend, trying to give everyone as many options as possible.

20th December 2005

wal_lace10:06pm: Second stage already.
It's time for submissions.

There are thirty fandoms available to write in for this first (and probably last) Multi-Fandom Zombie Ficathon. The first twenty-six were the ones that got three or more votes over the last day or so. The other four were added on for reasons of my own.

Here's the list.Collapse )

Your submission must consist of the following:

Submission rules and form.Collapse )

I'm leaving on a jet plane in about seven hours time, and so submissions will be ignored for the next two weeks. Assignments will be sent out in early to mid January. The rules for assignments are as follows:

Assignment rules.Collapse )

Now, go back and read the rules again before making your submission, please.

Oh yes, and the submission deadline is the arbitrary January 8.

My E-mail: wal_lace at hotmail.com. This will also be ignored until the New Year.
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19th December 2005

wal_lace7:12pm: Stage one: Choosing fandoms.
This is the first step on the road to making a ficathon. Of necessity, the number of available fandoms must be limited. Otherwise, we'll have people requesting a crapload of obscure Japanese cartoons and '70s British sci-fi or comedy shows that nobody else is prepared to write.

Please comment on this entry with a list of as many fandoms as you like. These can be movies, comics, TV shows (British sci-fi and comedy or other), computer games, cartoons (Japanese, American, or wherever else), books, plays (I'm kind of hoping for Shakespeare with Zombies, but we shall see).

Plug as many as you like. Seriously. As many as you like, provided you'd be prepared to do at least one of read or write a zombie story set therein.

While you're at it, please pimp this to your friends. Because without at least a few people, this idea will rapidly die a death.

The twenty or so universes with the most votes get to be used. I'll tally them up in about twenty-four hours time, and then submissions to the ficathon will begin.

Oh, and if anyone has any good zombie icons, one of them would be appreciated too.
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