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Master list.

Writer Recipient
a_leprechaun was writing for mama_fortuna
akire_yta wrote Residency Evil (House) for poisontaster.
budclare was writing for trekkim, but has let me know she will be delayed.
chaosmanor wrote Gore and Order (Law and Order) for leaper182
croupier wrote Camouflage (Law and Order: SVU) for faechick
dawning_star wrote Graiiiiiiins (CSI) for loyaldreamer.
faechick was writing for youngest_one
featherspy wroteOh God, I don't even know (Disney's version of The Little Mermaid) for scoured.
green_grrl wrote Horror on the Forest Moon (Dun Dun Dun) (Star Wars) for featherspy
hannahrorlove wrote Wasteland (Pirates of the Caribbean) for lanthano
jenlittlebottom was writing for perch, but has let me know she will be delayed.
lanthano wrote Some Cupid kills with arrows, some with traps (Y: The Last Man) for unanon.
lawofsyllogism was writing for imouto
leaper182 was writing for odditycollector
loyaldreamer wrote The Final Voyage (Star Trek - Original series) for chaosmanor.
nicolae was writing for akire_yta
odditycollector was writing for green_grrl
perch wrote Bang, Smash, Boom, Baby (X-Men comics) for wal_lace
piecesofalice was writing for hannahrorlove
poisontaster wrote Gangrene (CSI) for piecesofalice
scoured wrote Based on a True Movie (Veronica Mars) for seanarenay.
seanarenay was writing for a_leprechaun
imouto was writing for dawning_star
storydivagirl wrote Republicans end the World... Accidentally (The West Wing) for velocityofsound.
trekkim wrote Isn't this how all zombie movies end? (Supernatural) for apocalypsos
apocalypsos wrote It's not hiding if everyone knows where you are (Supernatural) for verstehen
mama_fortuna wrote Bel Garcon (Indiana Jones) for lawofsyllogism
unanon was writing for storydivagirl, but has let me know she will be delayed.
velocityofsound was writing for croupier, but has let me know she will be delayed.
verstehen was writing for nicolae
wal_lace wrote Running in place (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) for budclare
youngest_one was writing for jenlittlebottom
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